Building A Secure Culture of Safety in Health + Science Construction

During Construction Safety Week, we ask ourselves, what does it look like when we say safety is a top priority? 

General Superintendent/Safety Officer Matt Perhatch talks about what safety looks like at Aldrich in the Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce's Construction Safety Week Special Feature.

The construction industry's focus on safety is ultimately about resilience — when everyone goes home each day feeling safe and secure in their work, we can keep moving forward in building communities that support people in leading healthy, fulfilling lives.

Aldrich + Associates focuses on health and science renovations and new construction, where working safely means working differently, particularly for construction in occupied facilities where active care never stops. These types of projects require innovative approaches, consistency in protocols, and clear communication – this is where Aldrich excels.


Read about Aldrich's approach to building a secure culture of safety in health and science construction from General Superintendent/Safety Officer Matt Perhatch in Seattle DJC's Construction Safety Week May 6, 2024 Special Feature edition: