Mission, Vision + Values

Aldrich + Associates was founded in 1972 with a vision of building a company on a foundation of integrity and professionalism where the owners, design professionals, employees, and subcontractors are treated with respect and accountability. The hallmark of our work is client advocacy throughout the project resulting in the highest possible quality at the lowest price.


We excel at building technically sophisticated healthcare and institutional projects that fulfill our clients’ visions with confidence in value, quality, budget, and schedule.  


We will be widely recognized as the first-choice contractor for healthcare and institutional projects with critical environments.  


  • Client Advocacy:  We seek to understand our client’s values and their definition of success for every job. We are an experienced team that cares about the outcome for our clients by being good stewards of their resources.
  • Mutual Accountability:  We are internally driven to hold ourselves accountable to our goals and performance objectives. We have a positive attitude and solve problems, even when it’s hard, always being respectful of others and striving for excellence.
  • Collaboration:  We are problem-solvers who work together to simplify complex problems by providing creative and straightforward solutions.
  • Trust:  We foster an environment of respect and integrity, and earn the trust of our clients and team members through the transparency of our actions and our ability to rely on each other.
  • Relationships:  We strive for high-quality relationships with our clients, coworkers, subcontractors, and teams.
  • Value Driven:  We promote a competitive approach to drive value for our clients in all areas of project execution and continually test ourselves against the market to ensure we are delivering competitive performance in our negotiated work.