2021 Ski-A+Palooza


Self-proclaimed Epic Ski Event Planner Craig Halterman began organizing the annual 2021 Ski-A+Palooza before his retirement last October. On January 15, Craig re-joined the A+ team for a night on the slopes and tailgate BBQ. This group of 15-plus die-hard skiers could not stay away from Stevens Pass in spite of Covid restrictions. Lodge closed – no big deal. Stay 6-feet apart and masks required – of course. No Dining available – no problem!

Despite the COVID protocols of social distancing and mask-wearing, it was an enjoyable night of skiing and snowboarding but there is always that one ‘incident’ that sticks out in people’s minds ― this year was no different.  While speeding down the mountain George Ward’s ski binding broke resulting in a  ‘yard sale’ crash!  “Oscar [Sanchez] and I found George’s defective ski and binding,” Christian Sanchez reported, and “after launching a search and rescue mission and facing the harsh weather we recovered it. We thought there was a reward in it, but there wasn’t.” Fortunately, George escaped without injury and was grateful for Christian and Oscar’s heroics, but said “I suppose they will be hanging that over my head for many years.” All in good fun!

As for Craig, sounds like he enjoyed reconnecting and remarked, “…there is still plenty of snow and time left for Ski-A+Palooza Twooza!”