Nate Jensen Wrote the Aldrich Estimating Playbook


Lead Estimator/Preconstruction Manager Nate Jensen Celebrated 10 Years with Aldrich

Nate has literally and figuratively written the Aldrich playbook when it comes to our estimating and budgeting processes. Providing a great depth of experience in estimating on a variety of projects, including new construction and renovations of laboratories, medical office buildings, hospitals, acute care, and veterinary facilities, Nate is an invaluable member of the A+ team. 

The Birth of the Aldrich Estimating Department

When Nate was hired in September of 2013, he became Aldrich’s first full-time estimator establishing our estimating department… of one. With Nate as lead estimator/preconstruction manager, the estimating team has continued to grow over the years and has been an important part of the company’s success. “Aldrich is very fortunate to have Nate leading our estimating team. He is incredibly smart and adept at building estimating tools around the unique requirements of our healthcare clients. There is never guesswork or shortcuts when it comes to his estimates which gives us, and in turn our clients, absolute confidence in the information we are providing”, President George Ward said about Nate’s contributions to Aldrich.  “Our clients comment on how remarkably consistent we are from preliminary budgets to the final estimate.” 

Nate worked in Salt Lake City for several years, first as an assistant project manager at a nonprofit, but it wasn’t until he began working for a commercial general contractor that he got his start in estimating. Ready for a change in scenery, Nate posted his resume online. When a recruiter called and asked if he would be interested in moving to the Pacific Northwest, he flew up to interview. Within three weeks, Nate, with his wife Jessica, and their two daughters in tow (ages 4 and 6 years old at the time), the family made the move to Washington so he could start his new job. All the while he was thinking, “If we don’t like it, we can always move back.” Now celebrating his 10-year milestone, we are glad he and his family chose to stay!


Nate says what sold him in his interview with Aldrich was the company’s emphasis on family comes first. With two pre-school-aged kids and a soon-to-be growing family, this aspect of the culture at Aldrich was what resonated with him. Now a father to four daughters, Ava, Emmy, Evie, and Carolyn, Nate says that he stays at Aldrich because he feels valued as a person above being an employee. “When my wife was pregnant with our fourth, she was very sick. I mentioned to Jim Brink (retired CEO) that I would need to come in late to get my kids to school, to which he responded, “Why don’t we set you up to work at home full time?” It is this culture at Aldrich that Nate appreciates and has made him want to stay these last ten years, and beyond. 

Born and raised in Utah, Nate and his family now live in Snohomish County. Nate has played piano his whole life and enjoys passing the skills along to his kids. Growing up in Utah, Nate still loves to be outside snowboarding, camping, rock climbing, or backpacking. He also loves to include his daughters in these activities but, according to Nate, taking daughters backpacking doesn’t usually last all that long. “After a day or two I usually start to hear, ‘Okay Dad, I need to shower’.” 


When Aldrich completed a project near where Nate and his family live, he was excited to drive by and showcase his work to his kids. After pointing it out a couple of times on morning drives to school, Nate expresses, “They weren’t quite as excited as I was. I don’t think they were very impressed.” The irony is that his eldest, Ava, worked for Aldrich as a marketing intern and now has more of an appreciation for the work her dad does in construction. 

“When Nate was interviewed for this piece, he told me he is way too boring to write about,” said Lara Taber, “but I disagree. He is an amazing human being and such a good dad. I love the stories he shares about his family - they are heartwarming and always make me smile.”

Fellow estimator Elmer Campuzano also shared some insight into Nate. “Nate is dedicated to his faith and community. He volunteers at his church and happens to be a church group leader for the teenage boys.” As a mentor and role model in his church, in early 2023 Nate went with some of his young brethren on an Alaskan fishing excursion. He also took the group of young men on a tour of the Soper Hill project in Lake Stevens. It was a great experience for them and an opportunity to get a glimpse of the construction industry and the many career paths it has to offer. 


We are the A+ Team; We Win Together + We Lose Together

Something Nate loves about his role is getting to share the excitement and feeling of success with the rest of the team when a project is won. “There is a ton of time spent to get projects and when you don’t get them it can be frustrating, but when you do, it's rewarding to see a team come together and work hard for the same goal,” Nate shared. He values the way the teams put in effort together, and the success is felt as a whole group. Nate is not one to shy away from hard work. “Healthcare is unique and challenging, and I really enjoy the work that Aldrich does,” Nate says. 

“If you put others first and you value the culture, you’ll want to retire here.” Beyond the changes he’s seen over the last 10 years at Aldrich, it is the consistency, despite the developments and change in ownership, that he finds impressive. “I learned a lot from previous owners and coworkers who were supportive but honest, especially through mistakes made early on,” Nate says that with George Ward and John Schuh leading our teams, the culture at Aldrich has only continued to improve. “If you come in willing to be a team player, support your coworkers, and be accountable, you’ll thrive.” 


“My first impression of Nate was how kind he was, and it still rings true today,” said estimator and DEI manager Ramona Denny. “He goes the extra mile to do quality work. He is honest with everyone; coworkers, clients, and subcontractors, even when it costs him. Nate is one of the best bosses I’ve had, and I’m blessed to work with him.” 

Nate is an incredible asset to the A+ team and we are continuously grateful for the work he does, but what we especially love about him is the authentic person he is. “When it comes to Nate, I have a hard time figuring out if there are any Aldrich values that Nate doesn’t embody. Nate is an all-around great person, great leader, and I really enjoy working with him,” shared Brett Lantz, CFO. Project Executive Rod Ferris commented, “Nate is a pleasure to work with! His competence, dedication, and sincerity are commendable attributes – lucky to have him on the team.”

Nate, we cannot thank you enough for all the skill and expertise you bring to Aldrich and your commendable hard work. Your kindness, sincerity, and commitment to the A+ Team are admirable, and we appreciate you dedicating these last 10 years to Aldrich. We can't wait to see how the next 10 years unfold with you leading our preconstruction team!