Project Engineers Tour New SCH Sleep Center

PE's take a two-hour tour...

As part of Aldrich’s culture to mentor and collaborate among team members, our project engineers get together every other Friday to compare their project experiences and discuss ways to improve. Last Friday, Project Engineer Madison Balcom and Superintendent Chris Stearns provided Aldrich project engineers an inside look at the recently completed Seattle Children’s Hospital Sleep Center project in Bellevue. 



The two-hour tour of the newly renovated space was an opportunity for project engineers to go from virtual meetings to in-person for an on-site lessons-learned session. Madison said, “It was my project and, yet I learned a lot just from the questions people were asking and gained insight from their project experiences.” 


The project team answered questions, shared the nuances of working in an occupied medical office building, and the creative solutions to challenges unique to the construction of a pediatric-focused sleep medicine facility.