A Reason to Celebrate!


Aldrich achieved a certificate of occupancy on Monday, a week ahead of schedule for the St. Joseph Medical Center NICU project. As our team prepares to demobilize, it’s become clear the Aldrich team has become part of the NICU family. To celebrate the project’s success, the construction team was treated to a pizza lunch, a gift basket full of goodies, and a thank you card signed by the NICU nurses and staff. 



“This definitely was a TEAM effort,” said Superintendent Chris Stearns, “the whole team made a difference.” The nursing staff became part of the construction team too, helping with safety measures and coordination. The challenges of working adjacent to critical care NICU patients were met with clear planning and deep concern for the safety of patients, their families, and staff. Chris reminded the team that “all the little things we do from the start through to the end did not go unnoticed.” Project manager Matthew Schultz commented, “Their response speaks to the dynamic coordination and flexibility throughout the project.” 

Congratulations to all involved with the project on a job well done