Lights. Camera. MRI!

In partnership with CollinsWoerman Architects, the Aldrich team recently completed this 3T MRI project in Totem Lake for a physician-owned and managed radiology group. This multi-phase project in an occupied medical office building renovated an existing c-arm x-ray and surrounding spaces to make room for a new 3-tesla (3T) MRI. The work included the installation of a fully shielded enclosure for the MRI, construction of several new rooms (c-arm scanning, training, equipment, restroom (3), ultrasound, and storage) and custom casework.  With the intention of keeping patients calm during the procedure, this state-of-the-art MRI suite includes a full-spectrum LED light system that envelops the room in color, a sound system for relaxing music, and an inset ceiling display monitor presenting a range of soothing images.



The A+ team also overcame significant challenges in modifying the existing structural steel to support the additional equipment loads. The 3T MRI itself was hoisted by crane over the building and dropped in through a roof hatch through the ceiling. The work was performed while the imaging clinic continued operations without disruption to adjacent tenants including a sleep center located on the floor below.