We're Celebrating Family this 4th of July

In honor of America's Independence Day, Aldrich wants to wish you and your family a happy 4th of July! 


May 21, 2022, was a perfectly sunny day for the first Aldrich family picnic since 2019. The A+ Team gathered for Smokin’ Pete’s BBQ, reconnected with coworkers, friends, and family, and enjoyed some good old-fashioned fun and games at Vasa Park in Redmond.

The water was way too cold for swimming, but Lake Sammamish was the perfect backdrop for a group photo. Over 60 attendees had their pick of Aldrich 50-year swag including snazzy tie-dye tee shirts and I think the kiddos had a good time too!

Thank you to photographer Laurie Ascanio for spending the afternoon with us and capturing some memorable moments from the event. 

aldrich_picnic2022-8258.jpg  aldrich_picnic2022-8261.jpg  aldrich_picnic2022-8443.jpg 

aldrich_picnic2022-8241.jpg  aldrich_picnic2022-8216.jpg  aldrich_picnic2022-8316.jpg 

aldrich_picnic2022-8353.jpg  aldrich_picnic2022-8275.jpg   aldrich_picnic2022-8356.jpg 

aldrich_picnic2022-8381.jpg  aldrich_picnic2022-8266.jpg  aldrich_picnic2022-8387.jpg 

aldrich_picnic2022-volleyball.jpg  aldrich_picnic2022-volleyball-02.jpg  aldrich_picnic2022-8245.jpg 

aldrich_picnic2022-8234.jpg  aldrich_picnic2022-8283.jpg  aldrich_picnic2022-8367.jpg 

aldrich_picnic2022-hats.jpg  aldrich_picnic2022-8437.jpg  aldrich_picnic2022-8194.jpg