Evergreen Radia Imaging Center 3T-MRI

Client: Radia, Inc.
Location: Kirkland, WA
Area: 1,750 SF
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Project Details

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Through the Roof! 

The Aldrich team completed renovations to an existing C-arm x-ray and surrounding spaces to make room for a new Siemens Vida 3T MRI in an occupied medical office building. The work included the installation of an RF shielded enclosure for the MRI, construction of several new rooms, and custom casework. Significant challenges were overcome in modifying the existing steel building structure to allow for additional equipment loads on the 2nd floor and the roof above. The 3T MRI itself was hoisted by a crane over the building and dropped in through a roof hatch through the ceiling.
The team communicated daily with the client, landlord, and adjacent tenants to ensure there were no surprises or disruptions to patients and staff. The imaging clinic continued operations without disruption to adjacent tenants, including a sleep center located on the floor below. 


Aldrich has been providing reliable construction services to Radia for nearly twenty years on over a dozen imaging projects.