Quincy Community Health Center

Client: Moses Lake Community Health Centers
Location: Quincy, WA
Area: 22,387 SF
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Project Details

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Keeping patients safe during construction

The new medical/dental facility for Moses Lake Community Health was built within ten feet of the adjacent existing operational facility at the Quincy Community Health Center. Preconstruction planning, scheduling and phasing of the work, and safety of hospital patients, staff and visitors were paramount to the success of the project. Aldrich was able to erect elaborate fencing, sheeting, and barriers that not only kept the public out of the danger zone but allowed for curious hospital visitors to safely watch the construction as it progressed. Aldrich was sensitive to the hospital’s need for on-site parking and phased the work so patients and staff had parking available to them throughout the project. The team relied on their vast experience working in sensitive, occupied spaces to minimize disruption and keep everyone on-site safe.

They [Aldrich] have regular meetings, and go above and beyond in terms of safety. Sometimes they take care of things that might actually be our responsibility, especially for safety.

- Sheila Chilson, CEO, Moses Lake Community Health Center