"It's been quite a journey and I have never wanted to leave..."

Superintendent Christian Sanchez Reflects on His 15 Years with Aldrich


Hired in August of 2008 and experiencing all the stages of his career at Aldrich; from third-period Carpenter apprentice, to journeyman, to foreman, to Assistant Superintendent, and now Superintendent, Christian Sanchez had this to say about his 15 years with Aldrich. “It’s been quite a journey and I have never wanted to leave, which speaks greatly of the company.”

We Don’t Believe in Coincidence

As a first-period Carpenter apprentice, Christian worked for one of our larger competitors before moving on to Pease Construction doing mostly concrete work into his 3rd period apprenticeship. Interestingly, Christian told us that joining Aldrich was pure coincidence. “While working for Pease, I was about to be laid off from a project at Pierce College in Lakewood when the work ran out. Aldrich was building the new Rainier Science and Technology Building on the same campus, so I walked over to the Aldrich jobsite and spoke to Superintendent David Berg (retired) and Foreman Pete Hanson.” They asked Christian a few questions about his experience and that same week called him back to offer him a job. We think it was your initiative, not coincidence, that brought you to us, Christian, and we are beyond grateful!


Christian, pictured in the white hard hat, was a third-period Carpenter apprentice when hired on at the Pierce College Rainier Science and Technology Building.

Memorable Projects + Influential Mentors

With his growing resume of projects, there are several memorable ones that Christian recalls. One that sprung to mind was Bremerton’s Jackson Park Elementary in 2014. This project brought on more responsibility for Christian and marked the beginning of his leadership role with the company. He learned a lot about becoming a good leader from Superintendent Mike Fast (retired), who showed Christian what it meant to get into the weeds of things. Christian’s natural curiosity and abilities did not go unnoticed when then foreman, Dave Nusser, advocated for him by putting in a good word with leadership, letting them know who Christian was and his capabilities. _jackson-park-1354.jpg

Working at the Jackson Park Elementary jobsite in Bremerton brought on more responsibility for Christian and is where he got noticed by crew leaders.

Christian points to several key people who have influenced him greatly during his time with Aldrich ─ Superintendent Brett Price is certainly one of them. After working on a string of Northwest Kidney Center projects, for his first project as a foreman, he worked alongside Brett at Seattle Children’s South Clinic in Federal Way. What made this project stand out for Christian is that it’s where he gained a much better understanding of the unique essentials that go into healthcare construction. 


Christian learned a great deal about the unique requirements of healthcare projects while working at Seattle Children’s South Clinic in Federal Way.

Another project that served as a milestone for Christian was the Franciscan Kindred Rehabilitation Hospital in 2017-2018 where he worked as Foreman to Superintendent Randy Carlson. This impressive two-story, 60-bed in-patient hospital was built from the ground up in Tacoma to provide state-of-the-art acute care and treatment services for patients recovering from the debilitating effects of a severe injury or illness.

It was a combination of lean processes and pull planning coordination with the trades that allowed for finishes to go in on one end of the project while framing and drywall installation was happening on the other end, which made completing the 60,000-SF project a remarkable feat. Christian also said they had “the luxury of time in the schedule, plenty of real estate, and a good team,” but there is another account from this project that gives Christian quite a bit more credit.

“I met Christian in early 2018,” said Lara Taber, Marketing Coordinator. “During my first weeks with the company, General Superintendent/Safety Officer (GS/SO) Matt Perhatch took me to visit multiple jobsites. Christian was my tour guide at the Tacoma rehab hospital. As we walked along, Christian answered every question I asked knowledgeably, was familiar with the intricate details in each phase of construction, and had a firm grasp of the overall project. I was super impressed with his understanding and ability to communicate complex construction processes and his personable, easy-going, unflappable nature. It was easy to see why he was in a leadership role.” If you look closely, Christian was featured in the project’s final photos.

In his first shell and core experience as a Foreman, Christian demonstrated his firm grasp on the complexities of phased construction.

Testaments to Character

In his current post, supporting Brett Price at Northwest Kidney Centers Seattle Flagship Clinic, Christian says he is always trying to “make Brett’s wishes come true.” Showing his invaluable dedication to creating the best possible outcome for the project, Christian details specifically how he goes about achieving project goals every day. “We sit down in the morning, talk about what’s coming up, form a plan of attack, and it’s my job to execute that plan. I make Brett’s job a little easier while he’s stuck in meetings and coordinating with the trades for the entire project.”


Christian’s character was best described during a recent weekly Superintendent huddle. GS/SO Matt Perhatch remarked on Christian’s ability to remain calm, think on his feet, and respond logically when he was put on the spot with a special request from an Owner. Brett Price chimed in to back up the sentiment, “he is always calm, has a level head,” and helps him keep his cool when tempers flare. Modest as always, Christian deflected saying, “I do what I can,” shifting the kudos to the leadership team and the crew. 

Aldrich Feels Like My Home

When prompted on what keeps him at Aldrich, Christian responded, “The people – the company itself. Aldrich is a personal company. They see you as a person. You don’t feel expendable, and it feels like leadership sees your value, sees your qualities, and they’ve always been fair. Aldrich feels like my home – there’s no need to go elsewhere.” 

Recalling his first interaction with today’s company leaders, Christian shares, “George [Ward, President] was the Project Manager on my first project. I remember George shook my hand and he was super polite. Now he’s the head of the company," said Christian. “John [Schuh] too! He recognized me and knew who I was and that made me feel like a part of the team. When leadership asks what the company can do for you with opportunities and mentorship, you know they want to see you continue to be successful.” Vice President John Schuh remarked, “Christian is a special person, and we are so blessed to have him on our team. He takes humility to another level!” 


Through the years Christian says there have been “nothing but positive changes.” The biggest change in his opinion is all the swag. “Never have we had this magnitude of gear. It’s nice to see the whole crew wearing the Aldrich shirts representing the company.”


“Do your best – that’s what I do,” was Christian's advice for people new to the Aldrich team. “I appreciate the personal approach. There is a genuine appreciation for what I bring, and I think of it as my way of repaying the debt. I’m thankful to have this job and am doing the best I can to deliver a good product. I owe it to the company that has fed my family for the last 15 years.” 

Christian’s caring and good-humored personality is notable in his personal life too as a father of three kids including two teenagers, son Jorge, and daughter Jennifer, and the most recent addition to his family, daughter Joanna born January 2022. Christian loves taking Joanna to the park on nice days and says, “My family enjoys summer hiking and the outdoor scenery. In the winter, I take the kids skiing and snowboarding while the little one keeps my wife Yadira busy.” Christian’s brother, Oscar Sanchez, is also a Carpenter and has been employed with Aldrich for over six years. The pair have sometimes worked on the same projects and often take advantage of the company’s events and annual ski nights together. 

Christian, your Aldrich story is inspiring, and you are truly a role model to the A+ Team. You exemplify Aldrich’s values of authenticity, tenacity, integrity, humility, dedication, and more, so thank you for giving Aldrich 15 years of excellence. The future looks bright for you in this next phase of your career! 


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